Premier League Fixtures
(Dates Subject to change)

Match Day 26
09/02/2019 Brighton v Burnley 15:00
09/02/2019 Crystal Palace v West Ham 15:00
09/02/2019 Fulham v Man United 15:00
09/02/2019 Huddersfield v Arsenal 15:00
09/02/2019 Liverpool v Bournemouth 15:00
09/02/2019 Man City v Chelsea 15:00
09/02/2019 Southampton v Cardiff 15:00
09/02/2019 Tottenham v Leicester 15:00
09/02/2019 Watford v Everton 15:00
09/02/2019 Wolves v Newcastle 15:00

Match Day 27
23/02/2019 Bournemouth v Wolves 15:00
23/02/2019 Arsenal v Southampton 15:00
23/02/2019 Burnley v Tottenham 15:00
23/02/2019 Cardiff v Watford 15:00
23/02/2019 Chelsea v Brighton 15:00
23/02/2019 Everton v Man City 15:00
23/02/2019 Leicester v Crystal Palace 15:00
23/02/2019 Man United v Liverpool 15:00
23/02/2019 Newcastle v Huddersfield 15:00
23/02/2019 West Ham v Fulham 15:00

Match Day 28
26/02/2019 Arsenal v Bournemouth 19:45
26/02/2019 Cardiff v Everton 19:45
26/02/2019 Crystal Palace v Man United 20:00
26/02/2019 Huddersfield v Wolves 19:45
26/02/2019 Leicester v Brighton 19:45
27/02/2019 Chelsea v Tottenham 19:45
27/02/2019 Liverpool v Watford 20:00
27/02/2019 Man City v West Ham 20:00
27/02/2019 Newcastle v Burnley 19:45
27/02/2019 Southampton v Fulham 19:45

Match Day 29
02/03/2019 Bournemouth v Man City 15:00
02/03/2019 Brighton v Huddersfield 15:00
02/03/2019 Burnley v Crystal Palace 15:00
02/03/2019 Everton v Liverpool 15:00
02/03/2019 Fulham v Chelsea 15:00
02/03/2019 Man United v Southampton 15:00
02/03/2019 Tottenham v Arsenal 15:00
02/03/2019 Watford v Leicester 15:00
02/03/2019 West Ham v Newcastle 15:00
02/03/2019 Wolves v Cardiff 15:00

Match Day 30
09/03/2019 Arsenal v Man United 15:00
09/03/2019 Cardiff v West Ham 15:00
09/03/2019 Chelsea v Wolves 15:00
09/03/2019 Crystal Palace v Brighton 15:00
09/03/2019 Huddersfield v Bournemouth 15:00
09/03/2019 Leicester v Fulham 15:00
09/03/2019 Liverpool v Burnley 15:00
09/03/2019 Man City v Watford 15:00
09/03/2019 Newcastle v Everton 15:00
09/03/2019 Southampton v Tottenham 15:00

Match Day 31
16/03/2019 Bournemouth v Newcastle 15:00
16/03/2019 Brighton v Cardiff 15:00
16/03/2019 Burnley v Leicester 15:00
16/03/2019 Everton v Chelsea 15:00
16/03/2019 Fulham v Liverpool 15:00
16/03/2019 Man United v Man City 15:00
16/03/2019 Tottenham v Crystal Palace 15:00
16/03/2019 Watford v Southampton 15:00
16/03/2019 West Ham v Huddersfield 15:00
16/03/2019 Wolves v Arsenal 15:00

Match Day 32
30/03/2019 Arsenal v Newcastle 15:00
30/03/2019 Brighton v Southampton 15:00
30/03/2019 Burnley v Wolves 15:00
30/03/2019 Cardiff v Chelsea 15:00
30/03/2019 Crystal Palace v Huddersfield 15:00
30/03/2019 Fulham v Man City 15:00
30/03/2019 Leicester v Bournemouth 15:00
30/03/2019 Liverpool v Tottenham 15:00
30/03/2019 Man United v Watford 15:00
30/03/2019 West Ham v Everton 15:00

Match Day 33
06/04/2019 Bournemouth v Burnley 15:00
06/04/2019 Chelsea v West Ham 15:00
06/04/2019 Everton v Arsenal 15:00
06/04/2019 Huddersfield v Leicester 15:00
06/04/2019 Man City v Cardiff 15:00
06/04/2019 Newcastle v Crystal Palace 15:00
06/04/2019 Southampton v Liverpool 15:00
06/04/2019 Tottenham v Brighton 15:00
06/04/2019 Watford v Fulham 15:00
06/04/2019 Wolves v Man United 15:00

Match Day 34
13/04/2019 Brighton v Bournemouth 15:00
13/04/2019 Burnley v Cardiff 15:00
13/04/2019 Crystal Palace v Man City 15:00
13/04/2019 Fulham v Everton 15:00
13/04/2019 Leicester v Newcastle 15:00
13/04/2019 Liverpool v Chelsea 15:00
13/04/2019 Man United v West Ham 15:00
13/04/2019 Southampton v Wolves 15:00
13/04/2019 Tottenham v Huddersfield 15:00
13/04/2019 Watford v Arsenal 15:00

Match Day 35
20/04/2019 Bournemouth v Fulham 15:00
20/04/2019 Arsenal v Crystal Palace 15:00
20/04/2019 Cardiff v Liverpool 15:00
20/04/2019 Chelsea v Burnley 15:00
20/04/2019 Everton v Man United 15:00
20/04/2019 Huddersfield v Watford 15:00
20/04/2019 Man City v Tottenham 15:00
20/04/2019 Newcastle v Southampton 15:00
20/04/2019 West Ham v Leicester 15:00
20/04/2019 Wolves v Brighton 15:00

Match Day 36
27/04/2019 Brighton v Newcastle 15:00
27/04/2019 Burnley v Man City 15:00
27/04/2019 Crystal Palace v Everton 15:00
27/04/2019 Fulham v Cardiff 15:00
27/04/2019 Leicester v Arsenal 15:00
27/04/2019 Liverpool v Huddersfield 15:00
27/04/2019 Man United v Chelsea 15:00
27/04/2019 Southampton v Bournemouth 15:00
27/04/2019 Tottenham v West Ham 15:00
27/04/2019 Watford v Wolves 15:00

Match Day 37
04/05/2019 Bournemouth v Tottenham 15:00
04/05/2019 Arsenal v Brighton 15:00
04/05/2019 Cardiff v Crystal Palace 15:00
04/05/2019 Chelsea v Watford 15:00
04/05/2019 Everton v Burnley 15:00
04/05/2019 Huddersfield v Man United 15:00
04/05/2019 Man City v Leicester 15:00
04/05/2019 Newcastle v Liverpool 15:00
04/05/2019 West Ham v Southampton 15:00
04/05/2019 Wolves v Fulham 15:00

Match Day 38
12/05/2019 Brighton v Man City 15:00
12/05/2019 Burnley v Arsenal 15:00
12/05/2019 Crystal Palace v Bournemouth 15:00
12/05/2019 Fulham v Newcastle 15:00
12/05/2019 Leicester v Chelsea 15:00
12/05/2019 Liverpool v Wolves 15:00
12/05/2019 Man United v Cardiff 15:00
12/05/2019 Southampton v Huddersfield 15:00
12/05/2019 Tottenham v Everton 15:00
12/05/2019 Watford v West Ham 15:00

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